Series Nort Confortfresh Air Cooled Chiller


Nort Series Air Cooled Chiller


Brochure comercial - Chiller Confortfresh Línea South
Copper-aluminum coil
Real warranty
Excellent cost-benefit
Heat exhaust through the top
Easy Instalation /Maintenance
Cabinet corrosion resistant outdoor unit
Sheet steel Corrosion-resistant

South Series Air Cooled Chiller-CHTCV13060XB3


Capacity (Cooling, TR) 5 TR
Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr) 60000 Btu/h
SEER 13 ---
Voltage / Phase / Frequency (V/Φ/Hz) 220/3/60 V/PH/HZ
Amp Rating (Amp) 33.5 Amp
Water Flow 12 gpm
Refrigerant Type R410A ---
Refrigerant Charge 4 Lb
Net Weight 67 Kg
Dimension Width 30-13/16 pulg
Depth dimension 37-3/4 pulg
Dimension High 30-1/16 pulg
Water connections (NPT) 3/4 NPT (H) pulg
Compressor (Amps RLA) 20 Amp
Fan Motor (Power). 1/3 Hp
Fan Motor (FLA) 2 Amp
Fan Motor (Speed) 1075 rpm
Heat Exchanger De Placas ---
Blade (Quantity) 1 ---
Coil (Area ft²) 17.1 ft²
Coil (number of rows) 1 ---